ELL and Bilingual Education


On May 13th 2010 CHisPA will be hosting a English Language Learners and Bilingual Education Forum to educate Latino parents on their rights as parents of students with a special education need. The forum will also help CHisPA and other organizations in Rhode Island better understand the barriers Latino parents’ face in finding programs that are successful at keeping their students on track while introducing them to a new language. CHisPA is also interested in working in collaboration with parents to discuss the needs that can be addressed by community organizations and the public school system.

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: CHisPA-  421 Elmwood Avenue, Providence RI, 02907

Guest Speakers will include:

  • Carmen Boucher from The Rhode Island Parent Information Network
  • Dr. Julie Nora from the International Charter School
  • Maria Pacheco from the Education Alliance at Brown University

Topics to be addressed:

  1. How are students in ELL programs performing in relation to other students in the district?
  2. What are the programs and services available in Rhode Island for English Language Learners?
  3. Are the school districts doing what they are supposed to be doing according to RIDE?
  4. How does my child test out of ELL programs?
  5. How can I help push forward a new bilingual education/ ELL agenda?

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